Fun, Recreation, Rivulet

"The wish for a quality time at Rivulet has innumerable ways to fulfilment."

Fun, Recreation, Rivulet Filling your day with fun is the essence of Rivulet's vision, and that we do to the best extent. The means are many, ones that suit anyone who resort to Rivulet. You could go trekking in our dense bamboo forest where sunlight finds it hard to creep in, creating a surprising chill inside. You could also cross the river on foot on the dam we have built, to reach the plantations that spread for acres, welcoming you with an eerie silence. If fishing is your way to fun, we have ponds - plural - all of them thriving with fishes of all sizes. Or you could just sit back relaxed on our bamboo boat as it floats at peace with the water below. We said, the means are many.
Take a stroll through our tea and coffee plantations, or even pluck ripe fruits, be it Apple, Orange, Mango, Rose Water Apple, Passion Fruit, Jack Fruit, Egg Fruit, Fig, Shamam, Butter Fruit, Lemon, Papaya, Guava, Avocado, Pomelo and more. Or you could visit the farms that grow Beans, Chilli, Taro, Elephant Yam, Tapioca and varieties of Banana.
Every turn is a way to fun, and Rivulet has both of them in plenty.