Our Dining and Spices

"A treat for your taste buds, making all your senses meet with overwhelm at Rivulet."

Dining and Spices If the world was nature’s palette, then ours is your plate; painted with colours of cuisines made up of different cultures.
At Rivulet, be guaranteed that the experience of fine dining alongside the majestic hills of Munnar is one far removed from those you get back in the city’s hotels.
Dining and Spices Every meal here brings with it a vast history of smell, sound and taste. Unlike most other resorts, Rivulet takes great steps to ensure sustainable eating habits are maintained within premises. Leaving harmful ‘food-prints’ by throwing great amount of cooked food to waste is a strict no here.
Dining and Spices Thus Rivulet sources the best of organic vegetables and advices its guests to follow a healthy and nutritious diet during their stay here. Just a small step to make sure you leave home rejuvenated.